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The IT, ICT and data divisions within the Mailpoint Group are secure and closely monitored, both physically and digitally. Our programmers, who form part of a team with years of experience in direct mail, are jointly responsible for carefully managing and processing data and address databases.

We support a range of data delivery and processing methods for database enhancement and deduplication, for example, and are also able to provide solutions for your printing requirements, including personalized laser printing, full color printing and inkjet printing.
In addition, Mailpoint has a custom-made program available for your use, complete with selection options, bar-coding and mail and sorting options, which allows for optimal data entry and extraction for both national and international direct mail distribution. This is a key part of our data division’s daily work.


In recent years, the number of database projects has increased rapidly. In addition to response and fulfilment projects, we also offer data entry services and develop fully reliable databases with file management functions. Our expert supervision and management helps improve the quality of the data and ensures fast service and delivery times.