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An envelope is the first impression that clients will have when they receive your business correspondence. Especially in the case of direct mailings and other advertising materials, it is important that an envelope has the right look and feel and, if necessary, features a catchy text.

Mailpoint Creative Envelopes offers a large range of envelope options that can be adapted to your needs to ensure your direct mail campaigns achieve the desired impact. There are various sizes and windows to choose from, and you can play with how the windows are positioned in order to create a personalised, eye-catching mail piece. Would you like the envelope to be printed in black and white or colour? With or without inside pattern? Whatever your needs may be, we can design a solution to fulfil your individual requirements and get you noticed.
We can even take the design of your envelope to the next level for national and international bulk mail orders. Instead of the postage paid logo, we offer the possibility of designing your own ‘attention stamp’. This stamp is printed onto your envelope to ensure your business or product is presented in the best way possible.


A (printed) attention stamp is not only an eye-catching franking method, it is also a means of communication. The personalised stamp can be used to:

Increase brand recognition (logo with payoff)
Generate awareness for a new location (photo and address of new premises)
Introduce a new product
Generate awareness for a special offer (discount offer)
Generate awareness for an event (name and date)

Whatever your preferences, Mailpoint can process envelopes of all sorts and sizes, with or without attention stamp, for print runs of several thousands or millions of envelopes. In a nutshell: a special envelope enhances the value of your mailing.

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